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Backed by Science

There is no known antimicrobial property that is non-chemical base and non-toxic that is effective against viruses until G3Tech

With a 99.9999% -100%

(6 LOGS) killing efficacy, G3Tech is the only known antimicrobial, non-chemical, non-toxic, Class A viricide out there

The natural, plant d

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Our technology is a photosensitiser (PS) that is able to kill 99.9999% of bacteria and viruses on contact.
The PS does not contain toxicity and does not use toxicity to kill germs. Instead, it uses short and rapid bursts of Oxygen (O2) to effectively kill viruses and bacteria, leaving the microbes with absolutely no chance of survival.
When light (any type, including natural/indoor) is present, our PS will trigger a reaction with molecular oxygen. The process converts into energy and excited singlet state oxygen which will destroy the microbes. 
Due to the dual mechanism in our technology, our PS works without light too. 

How G3Tech Technology works

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G3Tech is a non-toxic, near edible grade antimicrobial molecule that kills microbes.

The photosensitizer is a breakthrough in photo-antimicrobial research as it is the ONLY known Antimicrobial formula with a surface acting agent that keeps its antimicrobial capabilities after multiple usage.

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Dual Mechanism

Photodynamic antimicrobial (PDA); functions with light irradiation;

Cationic antimicrobial (CA): functions with or without light irradiation


High Efficacy

High antimicrobial efficacy: >99.99% within 2 mins

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Broad Spectrum

Effective to kill a broad spectrum of microbes including bacteria, spores and fungi.


Safe & Non-Toxic

Near food grade. Hypoallergenic. Non chemical base and does not rely on toxicity to kill germs. FDA and CE certified



Regenerate through light source and non-diminishing in use. Non-antibiotic resistant


Areas of Use

Effective under sunlight, indoor or natural lights, or without light source.

Multi functional on multi surfaces.


Non-drug Resistant

Does not cause drug resistance due to rapid action and multiple attacking sites on the microbes

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