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Sputnik Light, the one-dose sister vaccine of Sputnik V, the first registered vaccine against Covid-19



Introducing a new member of the Sputnik family - a single dose Sputnik Light! It’s a revolutionary 1-shot COVID-19 vaccine with the 80% efficacy - higher than many 2-shot vaccines. Sputnik Light will double vaccination rates and help to handle epidemic peaks


A Vaccine Made from Human Adenovirus Vector Platform

  • SPUTNIK LIGHT is a vaccine that retains key characteristics of Sputnik V, a two-shot vaccine, including strong cellular and humoral immunogenicity and safe profile

  • Proven to have an almost 80% efficacy level, higher than many other two-dose vaccines

  • It is a one shot only vaccine with easy logistics and distribution which will result in faster execution that may be critical for population immunity

Mono-Vaccine with Ad26 Vector only

Vector creation
vector is a virus that lacks a gene responsible for reproduction and is used to transport genetic material from another virus that is being vaccinated against into cell

A gene coding
S-protein of SARS CoV-2 spikes is inserted into vector Ad26
Vaccination with effective mono-vaccine
Vector (Ad 26) with a gene coding S-protein of coronavirus gets into cell

As cell synthesizes
S-protein, the development of immunity begins


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